Santa's Schedule for Tuesday

Middletown Firefighters have received word from the North Pole on Santa’s schedule to visit Middletown neighborhood

Sixth Night /Tuesday Dec. 18th, 2012
Rescheduled from 12/10/12

Santa will be traveling from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM (weather permitting)

Yarnell Avenue - Hart Street - King Road - Halsey Avenue - Maple Avenue -Sherman Lane - Bayview Park - Symth Street - Beacon Street - Race Street - Connecticut Avenue - Mass. Avenue - Beacon Terrace - Stockton Drive - Rosedale Court - Elmwood Avenue - Linden Street - Oak Street - Evergreen Avenue - Willow Avenue - Granada Terrace - Everett Street - Balsam Street - High Street


Change in Schedule

  • Monday, Dec. 17th's route has been canceled due to rain and will be rescheduled. This is the route that was originally scheduled for Friday, Dec. 7 and was canceled due to rain.
  • Santa's route was canceled Monday, Dec. 10 due to rain and fog and is rescheduled  for Tuesday, Dec, 18th.
  • Santa's route was canceled on Friday, Dec. 7 due to rain and is rescheduled for Monday, Dec. 17th. 

Have you spotted Santa around town?  Upload pictures and eyewitness accounts here!

Streets are listed in the order that Santa will travel, left to right.   He will be starting his route around 5 PM each night.

First Night Monday Dec 3rd
Turner Road            East Main Road        Meadow Lane          Island Drive
Paddock Lane          North Drive             Circle Drive             South Drive   
Oliphant Lane          Coggeshall Circle     Coggshall Way        Moy Court
James Francis          Barton Lane            Oak Forest Drive     Swan Drive
Amesbury  Cr          West Main Road       Pasture Farm Drive  Busher Drive
Debbie Road            Laura Road             Christine Road         John Kesson  
Evelyn Circle

Second  Night Tuesday Dec 4th
Green Lane            Puritian Drive            Columbia Court        Gravely Drive
Lattu Court            Taylor Court              Vigilant Street          Weschler Road
Mayflower Drive     J.H. Dwyer Drive        Gossets Turn Drive   Samson Lane
Olives Way   

Third Night Wednesday  Dec 5th
Marshall Lane            Roy Ave            Jean Terrace           Jean Street
Phillips Ave            Burton Place            Unity Drive         Rogers lane
West View Road        Forest Ave            Bluegrass Drive        Champlin Terr
Wilson Road

Fourth Night Thursday Dec 6th
Colony Drive            Nakomis Road           Aspinet Road        Namquid Drive
Pocono Road            Squantum Drive        Algonquin Drive    Pocahontas Dr
Osage Drive             Pequot Lane              Browns Lane        Fairway Drive
Commerce Drive        Corporate Place        Admiralty Drive    West Admiralty Dr
Woolsey Rd

CANCELED (AGAIN) DUE TO RAIN: Fifth Night  Friday Dec 7th [rescheduled for Dec. 17]
Chases Lane            Donald Drive            Casey Dr              Murphy Circle
Orville Drive            Read Street              Jones St               Maffitt Street
Semmes Street        Admiral Luce Street  Lexington Street   Niagara Street
Lawrence Street       Lake Erie Street        Rockwood Road    Wood Road
Maplewood Road        Ridgewood Rd            Rego Road        Brookdale Road
Chestnut Hill Road   

Sixth Night Monday  Dec 10th [rescheduled for Dec. 18]
Yarnell Ave            Hart Street            King Road              Halsey Ave
Maple Ave             Sherman Lane        Bayview Park         Smyth Street
Beacon Street        Race Street            Connecticut Ave     Mass.  Ave
Beacon Terrace      Stockton Drive        Rosedale Court      Elmwood Ave
Linden Street            Oak Street           Evergreen Ave      Willow Ave
Granada Terrace        Everett    Street   Balsam Street       High Street

Seventh Night  Tuesday Dec 11th
Boulevard            Hilltop Ave                 Fairview Ave           Nicholson Cr
Phelps Road         Dudley Ave North       Dudley Ave South    Miantonomi
Restmere Terr.     Fenner Ave                Vernon Ave              Shangri La Lane    Bliss Mine Road    Bliss Road                  Gibson Road             Sherwood Road    Green End Ave     Beechland Place          Valley Rd                 Continental Dr     Concord Drive      Plymouth Ave             Winthrop Dr             Longmeadow        Goldenrod Drive   Wintergreen Drive       Carriage Trail          Griffin Road
Wedgewood Road Williams Drive            Atlantic Ave             Wabasso Terr

Eighth Night Wednesday Dec 12th
Seascape Ave      Newport Ave            Warren Ave          Briarwood Ave
Ellery Ave            Renfrew Ave            Allston Ave          Center Ave
Purgatory Rd        Crescent Road         Tuckerman Ave     Esplanade  
Crest Street          South Crest             Wolcott Ave        O’donnell Way
James Street         Sunset Hill             White Terrace        Tuckerman Ave
Purgatory Road      Wolcott Ave            Wayside Ave        Draper Ave
Reservoir Ave         Loring Street           Toni-Lynne Terrace

Ninth Night Thurday Dec 13th
Aquidneck Ave            Park Drive            Aquidneck Drive   Reardon Drive
Oceanview Drive         Wyatt Road           Turner Road        Ward Ave
Ellen Rd                      Columbia Road      Honeyman Ave    Ward Street
Harvey Road               Morrison Ave         Prospect Ave        River Run Road
Paradise Ave             Compton View         Lighthouse View    Corey Lane
Berkley Ave             Beagle Dr                 Hunt Lane             Tally Ho court
Wyndham Hill

Tenth Night Friday Dec 14th
Green End Ave           Trout Dr            Lewis Drive            Indian Hill Rd
Indian Hill Circle         Spruce Ave        Hickory Ave           Cedar Ave
Sachuest Drive           Third Beach Rd   Wapping Road       Riverview Rd
Sakonnet Terrace       Elizabeth Ln        Vaucluse Ave         Summerfield Ln
Peckham Ave             Wapping Rd         Bartlett Road         Porter Road
Baldwin Road            Peckham Ln          Mitchells Lane

Friends of Middletown Fire Station December 09, 2012 at 02:46 AM
Santa's Monday (December 7th) night visit was canceled due to rain (ironically, Reindeer don’t seem to like rain). It will be rescheduled for Monday December 17th
Charles December 10, 2012 at 12:23 AM
To "An Islander" and "MIDDLETOWN MOMMY" - I too, am proud to live in Middletown. I grew up in Newport and have lived in Middletown for 20 years. In my opinion there's no better place to live in Rhode Island. I guess it depends a lot on your neighborhood, but we are perfectly happy right here. A very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, or whatever holiday you may celebrate this time of year!
frank maloof December 11, 2012 at 08:44 PM
man, santa is a busy guy!!
Maureen E. McGann December 11, 2012 at 10:27 PM
I lived on the East Side of Providence for forty years and we never had anything like this. It was wonderful to see Santa come down the street. Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people in Middletown.
Victoria Williams December 12, 2012 at 12:53 AM
Yes not seeing my neighborhood at all can Santa please come to the Ludlow rd area


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