5 Ways To Beat The Heat In North Kingstown

5 ways to stay cool on these disgustingly warm days!

Looking to keep your cool on this sweltering hot day? Stop your quest because we've found five great ways to keep cool today.

  1. . Yes, we did say library. You know, that place with the books and stuff that is also air conditioned. Warm days like these are perfect to take some time to yourself, relax and just read. Today and tomorrow, the library will close at 8:30 p.m.
  2. . No need to drive down to Narragansett or South Kingstown for some beach fun. Head down to Beach Street and get your toes wet. Not a big water person? There's still plenty of shade down there to sit under and enjoy the breeze off the water.
  3. Ice Cream. Whether it's a sorbet, a cone of chocolate chip cookie dough or straight-up vanilla, we'd say it's definitely a great day for ice cream in North Kingstown. Head over to the or to get your fix!
  4. . What? You really thought we'd make this list and NOT include Del's? 
  5. Stay hydrated. Lucky for us, our columnist Dr. Sarah Simeone wrote up a few tips on how to stay hydrated during this warmer weather and why it's so imporatant. In case you missed it, .


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