What Did You Do With that Escarole Deposit I Gave You?

Now as a RI real estate agent, clients say the funniest things to you sometimes and most of them are never recorded to share with others.  Whether it is a rental or purchase of a home, all I can say is I care for my clients.  They feed, clothe me and many we break bread with consistently.  And they all know I tease them...it is part of making me an enjoyable real estate agent to work with.  I hope! So what does escarole have to do with a rental tenant?

  This is where education comes into play and having a belly laugh at the same time with the tenant.  There is a difference between escarole (as in the soup which is delicious and a RI Federal Hill favorite here) and an escrow deposit.

Escarole is part of the endive vegetable family and not required as part of a home purchase or tenant payment.  However, an escrow deposit, which is what this sweet prospective client meant, are funds held by the brokerage as part of a contract as monies down to secure a rental or home purchase.  Quite a difference.

Well as this conversation went it took me a few seconds to get the main idea of what he was asking but then the big smile came across my face and I got it.  It was truly classic and one I would remember because as they say out of the mouths of babes come gems to remember (had to use this picture for that reason!).

  So escrow deposits held by the broker while you fulfill the length of your agreement (home purchase or rental contract) can make a good mix... if the soup is that good you will always know where to go back to!

So yes, I take escarole or escrow deposits, in other words, in all real estate involved transactions so don't worry.  We can figure out the language terms in RI real estate lingo with you.  Just remember it is called an escrow deposit.  And yes it is secured.

It is about keeping that escrow deposit safe!


  Ginny Lacey Gorman is a Rhode Island coastal real estate agent who works and knows the RI geographic area of homes for sale, schools, happenings and important tidbits of information well.

Coastal, water view, ocean front, luxury and waterfront Rhode Island real estate are my specialty.   When you are in need of an internet savvy RI Realtor® who sells homes in this real estate market, call Ginny today at 401.529.7849 or email at RiByTheBay@gmail.com.   


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