NK Flag Football Registration

1. REGISTRATION DELAY. We are delaying registration until May 1. Please accept our apologies especially for those who have had the calendar marked for Monday. However, for a variety of reasons including a desire for us to streamline the process. May 1 is the date to go to nkflagfootball.com to register your child.

2. REGISTRATION FOR RESIDENTS OF NK, Saunderstown, AND, Jamestown ONLY. We are glad to waitlist residents of other communities. As of July 1 (based on date of contact with Linda Sherman, our Registrar (Registrar@NKFlagFootball.com, 401-667-0204) we will accomodate "non-residents" but the fee will be $120 vs. $90 for residents of the three aforementioned communities.

3. COACHES & DIVISION COORDINATORS NEEDED. Our three age groups (i.e., 8-9, 10-11, and 12-14) need more coaches and Division Coordinators (for the latter, at least one for each division). If interested, please contact Jeff Crawford at jcrawford27@cox.net and/or 401-447-5689


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