Help Build a Multi-Level Walkable Maze in RI!

We need your help! - http://kck.st/MrV4Rz
Our family and a few friends (carpenters, a welder, and a general contractor) are building a walkable maze! It’s kind of like a corn maize, only multi-layer, so a bit more difficult to solve, or like a computer/video game turned into a real-life 3D multi-level maze. 
To build it, we are going to need a lot of help.  We have chosen to crowdfund on kickstarter.com, essentially pre-selling tickets instead of getting a loan. Crowdfunding involves asking anyone who will benefit from the project itself to invest in the idea. Instead of a small percentage as interest, backers receive a direct benefit in the form of an actual product or, in our case, admission to the maze. To read more about crowdfunding see Kickstarter and Wikipedia.
Our goal is $120,000. This will cover construction. We have already covered design costs and some operating costs. If successful, we will have pre-sold hundreds of tickets to the maze in the form of backer rewards. The catch: According to Kickstarter rules, if we miss our funding goal by a single dollar, the project gets canceled. We have until April 10th to raise $120,000 dollars!
We would greatly appreciate your support as an individual backer at http://kck.st/MrV4Rz. More importantly, though, we would like to ask that you help us find other people to back this project. It will be a lot of fun and a huge benefit to RI!


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