BEAUTIFUL dog needs a great home by March 1! NO ADOPTION FEE

Maya is a 6 1/2 y/o shepherd/chow mix. She weighs about 55pds, she's spayed and utd on her shots. She has fear aggression with strangers/other dogs but with people she knows she's a lovable, sweet, girl! She's possessive over food and toys so you need to be aware if another dog is around. She needs to be the only dog in the household, she also needs to be in a home without children.

Maya loves to cuddle and stay inside-but, she needs to be walked daily (this definitely helps keep her aggression under control) she loves to chase squirrels and be off leash to run around. She's pretty good at recall when she's off leash-however, if there is a squirrel, rabbit, etc..she will likely chase it and not respond to you calling her back.

She loves going for car rides, playing with her toys (she rips stuffed toys but loves them!) and loves the hard non-edible nylabone toys. She is possessive over her toys as well, and will growl if you try to take them while she is playing/gnawing on them.

Maya is very protective and will bark anytime someone comes to/near the house. This is great for someone who lives alone, or just wants to be alerted if someone is around. She's afraid of the water bottle-if you simply show it to her, she'll stop. Aside from barking at people that walk by, she's definitely not one to bark non-stop. She's pretty content to lounge around during the day and is laid back in that sense.

Maya has been on a homeopathic aggression formula for about 2 years and now also takes a homeopathic allergy formula. Both have definitely helped, and I would encourage her new owner to continue using them.(I will give you the supply that I have) She eats a vegan, gluten-free, soy and corn free dog food and does well with that.

Maya needs a loving owner who understands her issues and will provide the proper environment for her to thrive. Someone who has land for her to run around outside chasing squirrels/birds would be ideal although not necessary. As long as she gets daily exercise and lots of cuddles/hugs, I think she will be a very happy girl!

Please fill out our adoption application on www.JennysHopeRescue.com to be considered for this stunning girl!! There is NO ADOPTION FEE for Maya!


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