Armchair Quarterbacks

Now is the time to act.  There have been plenty of comments on performance of town council members not listening to the residents and taxpayers.  I had this exact discussion at the 6/2 town council meeting.  Not listening to the people, (I pointed out that the People of the town of NK sit at top of the organizational chart above the council), our own residents taking legal action against the town, no trust in town, and deteriorating relations with neighboring municipalities. 

I am often on the tail end of 3-2 votes for most key issues.   There are 2 ways to improve things; attend meetings and change the council makeup in November.  Armchair quarterbacking has no influence on town politics. It takes rational individuals that care about this town to run for council and other boards.  A Declaration to run for town council must be submitted between June 23 - June 25, no later than 4pm.  I am willing to sit down with those interested to discuss the process and time commitments.  And for those not willing to make such a commitment, you need to attend the town council meetings, show support and speak your mind at public hearings on important issues affecting town character, water quality, and things that matter to you.  Don’t rely entirely on the local papers, because the full stories aren’t getting out. 

Kevin Maloney

NK Town Council



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